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Here is a oils and fats category to learn all about oils and fats. More Information about oils and fats gives you more knowledge.

Oils and Fats | Biology Ideas | Definition and Classification

What are Oils and Fats? 1) Like other necessities of man, oils are also used as one of the main necessities as they are required in...
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Uses of Oils and Fats | Biology Ideas | Classifications and Uses

Coconut Botanical source – Cocos nucifera linn. Family – Palmae (Arecaceae) Part used – Fruit (dried solid endosperm) Type – Fat Coconut oil is obtained by expression or solvent extraction from the dried...

Classification of Vegetable oil | Biology Ideas | Examples and Types

Classification of vegetable oil Vegetable oils are classified based on their ability to absorb oxygen from the atmosphere. They are usually classified into four main groups. Drying...

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Cell Surface Appendages of Bacterial Flagella (Flagella vs Fimbriae vs Pili of Bacteria). Flagella are long whip-like filamentous structures. Capsule and Slime layer Capsule - Some...