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fruit, fruits

Fruit – Definition, Types, Example | Biology Ideas

About Fruit Fruits are a characteristic of flowering plants. Once pollination and fertilization occur, the ovary of the plant becomes the fruit and the ovules become...

Types of leaves – Plant Morphology | Biology Ideas

Types of leaves There are mainly two types of leaves as follows, Simple Leaf Simple leaves are those in which a single leaf blade or lamina is...
leaf, leaves

Leaves – Morphology of Leaves | Biology Ideas

The leaf is a dorso-ventrally compressed, lateral appendage of the stem, produced at the nodes. There are main three parts of the leaf that are...

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Bacterial Flagella, Fimbriae and Pili, Capsule | Biology Ideas

Cell Surface Appendages of Bacterial Flagella (Flagella vs Fimbriae vs Pili of Bacteria). Flagella are long whip-like filamentous structures. Capsule and Slime layer Capsule - Some...