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Aberration In Lens

Aberration In Lens System | Biology Ideas | Classification

Aberration In Lens system  Aberration: The deviation produced from the actual size, shape, and shape of the image is called the Aberration produced by the...

Fundamental Microscopy | Biology Ideas | Microscopy Definition and types

Microscope:- In Fundamental Microscopy, the microscope may be defined as an optical instrument, consisting of a lens or a combination of lenses, for making...

Lens System | Microscopy | Biology Ideas | Types and Information

 Some Basic about Lens The lens is a portion of a transparent refracting medium bounded by two spherical surfaces or by one spherical surface and...

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Bacterial Flagella

Bacterial Flagella, Fimbriae and Pili, Capsule | Biology Ideas

Cell Surface Appendages of Bacterial Flagella (Flagella vs Fimbriae vs Pili of Bacteria). Flagella are long whip-like filamentous structures. Capsule and Slime layer Capsule - Some...